More than nine in 10 park and recreation agencies provide programs, services and/or recreation opportunities for older adults across the United States- making them a leading provider to this integral portion of the community. Three-quarters of park and recreation agencies have evidence-based activities designed to meet the diverse needs and desires of active aging Baby Boomers while also providing a vital resource to those older adults with limited mobility and financial resources. Though this targeted group is growing in numbers, the typical park and recreation agency devotes only five percent of its annual operating budget to older adult programming and outreach. Based on survey responses from 524 park and recreation professionals, this study explores how agencies across the United States are delivering services to older adults and the biggest challenges they face in serving this ever-growing population.

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Key Study Findings

  1. Facilities and programming dedicated to older adults are very common across park and recreation agencies throughout the United States.

  2. Park and recreation agencies are a major provider of services for older adults in their communities — frequently one of just a few organizations in their areas that directly serve this population.

  3. Seventy-one percent of survey respondents characterize their agency as the leader or one of the leaders in providing services and programming geared to older adults.

  4. The role of the park and recreation agency as a service provider varies significantly by agency type.


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Healthy Aging in Parks is NRPA’s campaign to improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of older adults by increasing opportunities for physical activity through parks and recreation.

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