Renewing your AFO certification is essential to showing your commitment to the aquatics field and demonstrating your knowledge of the most current best practices in aquatic facility operation and management. AFO certification is valid for five years. 

You have two options to renew your certification:

Renewal Option 1 

Successfully retake the AFO exam. This may be achieved by taking the exam in coordination with an AFO course or by taking the exam only administered by an approved NRPA proctor.

AFO Course Schedule

Download the Exam Application


Renewal Option 2 

Complete 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the aquatics operations and management field. Please Note: AFO instructors must renew their AFO certification using this option. 

Download the AFO Renewal Application

Please review the AFO renewal application prior to earning CEUs. AFOs must earn 0.5 CEUs in Group A and Group B noted on the application.

How to Earn CEUs Towards AFO Renewal 

AFO Renewal Candidates can access a copy of their NRPA Official Transcript in the online Certification Center. Documentation of credit earned through third party organizations, including state affiliates, must be requested from the organization that originally awarded the credit. 

Certification Center


For any questions pertaining to AFO renewal, please reach out to NRPA Certification at

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