Premier Membership Package

With the Premier Package, your entire team can make the most of their NRPA membership through solutions such as professional development opportunities, research, advocacy, and networking.

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Standard Membership Package

This special package rate includes three professional members working in an agency or other environments, such as universities, colleges, military base installations, hospitals, health clinics and not-for-profits.

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Individual Membership Packages

Individual NRPA membership packages in NRPA provide timely information, superior learning and networking opportunities, advocacy support, grant opportunities, and discounts you cannot get anywhere else. With these resources, your membership quickly pays for itself.

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Supplier Membership Packages

Are you a company (other than a non-profit organization) who wants to get your product or service in front of thousands of park and recreation professionals or stay abreast of NRPA member interests? If so, NRPA has two great membership options for you.

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Free 90-Day Trial Membership

Sign up for a free, 90-day trial NRPA membership to receive immediate access to valuable member benefits and resources that you cannot get anywhere else.

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Full List of Member Benefits

NRPA member benefits cover education to networking, advocacy to grant programs, and so much more. NRPA supports you so that you can better support your community.

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