How well do you know the residents who use--or potentially may use--your agency's park and recreation facilities? With the NRPA Facility Market Report your agency now has a tool that helps it better understand your community's needs so you can tailor programming and offerings to meet those needs.

Tailored Insights About Your Facility and Community

Market Reports offer key data and insights about the market served by your agency's facilities. Your agency gains a greater understanding of the residents served by a park, aquatic center, recreation center, or any other facility, with a particular focus on their habits and interests. Review an example of the NRPA Facility Market Report.

Demographics & Forecasts: Learn about the size of the market, age trends, exercise habits, recreation spending and social media usage of the population served by your facility.

Map: See the size of the area served (or could be served) by your facility, based on a driving or walking time that you set (e.g., 10-minute walk time or 10-,15- or 30-minute drive time).

Request a Facility Market Report      

Request an NRPA Facility Market Report for Any Park Facility Type

The NRPA Research team can create an NRPA Facility Market Report for any of your agency's park and recreation facilities, whether it is open today or is in the planning stage:

  • Regional Parks, Community Parks, Pocket Parks
  • Rectangular or Diamond Fields, Basketball or Tennis Courts
  • Aquatic Centers
  • Recreation Centers, Senior Centers
  • Golf Courses
  • A future park site or facility not yet developed

NRPA Facility Market Reports arm your agency with vital market data that help you:

  • Identify the optimal programming to increase usage and satisfaction with your agency's offerings
  • Identify opportunities for new potential markets that your agency can serve
  • Create targeted programming based on the special health concerns within your community.
  • Develop strategic plans on capital investments based on potential markets served by your agency

How Do You Order an NRPA Facility Market Report?

Every NRPA Premier member agency gets an allotment of NRPA Facility Market Reports each year. All you need is your agency name, your agency email address and the street address of the facility you want to be analyzed.

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