All park and recreation agencies are implementing workforce development, whether they know it or not. As one of the largest first-time employers, parks and recreation provides exposure to the field and first-time jobs to many youth and young adults. NRPA’s workforce development resources provide agencies with information to ensure they are creating intentional programs that benefit all community members, while building a sustainable workforce and communities for the future.

Workforce Development: A Resource Guide for Parks and Recreation features case studies highlighting programs dedicated to workforce development opportunities, primarily working with youth and young adults, that engage future generations of park and recreation professionals and advocates. These programs not only do that but create a skilled green jobs workforce, and most importantly, by amplifying these opportunities for people of color, women, and people in low-income households, we can better advance the long-term sustainability of the field in general, while ensuring parks are a vital and relevant part of all communities. The accompanying workbook, Workforce Development: Self-Guided Workbook for Parks and Recreation, helps agencies assess their current situation and opportunities for growth.

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