Park and recreation agencies and their staff are essential — together they provide the essential infrastructure and services that keep communities healthy and thriving. Park and recreation professionals are known for being able to accomplish a lot with very little. But that nimble and adaptable quality does not justify keeping parks underfunded — it provides validation for their need to be sufficiently funded through diverse public and private sources and for the pursuit of unique funding solutions to advance their impact.

We know fundraising can be daunting — but NRPA’s comprehensive Park and Recreation Professionals’ Guide to Fundraising can help. This resource, created under the leadership of Annie K. LaRock and informed by park and recreation development officers and grant writers, outlines strategies to diversify funding sources.

The guide will walk you through establishing a fundraising team, developing your case for support, identifying and cultivating new donors, and pursuing innovative development strategies.

Whether you are looking for assistance to find a quick grant or are interested in building a holistic fundraising strategy, this guide can help you succeed.

Download NRPA’s Guide to Fundraising

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