For more than 50 years, the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and its flagship publication Parks & Recreation magazine have helped park professionals serve the public by providing cutting-edge content, exclusive research, innovative “case-study” solutions and commentary from high-profile government and civic leaders within the fields of health, conservation and equity. This industry-leading publication is in the unique position of bringing NRPA members together, while providing a much-needed voice to a field where the professionals devote countless hours ensuring people of all ages, cultures and economic backgrounds have safe places to gather, play and make memories.

Parks & Recreation magazine is distributed to more than 153,000 people via print and digital versions. The magazine is considered one of the best in the industry with 92% of readers saying it is the leading publication in the field of parks and recreation.


Who Is Our Audience?

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How Far Do We Reach?

6 Million +

People reached through social media every year

153 Thousand +

People Read the print/digital magazine each month

409,000 +

Website pageviews every month

255,000 +

Clicks on NRPA Emails each year


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What Do Parks & Recreation Readers Say?

"Parks & Recreation magazine is a good resource for ideas, best practices, innovation and, overall, a good product that I appreciate spending my valuable time with."

"I look forward to
Parks & Recreation magazine every month. It is put together very well and truly helps me connect with other agencies around the country and understand what they are doing and why it's working."

"I love
Parks & Recreation magazine and look forward to receiving it regularly! It is one of the primary reasons I choose to continue my membership in NRPA."