3 Tips for Creating Impactful (and Reusable) Event Content

By Matthew Burnell | Posted on October 20, 2023

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Think about the best invitation you’ve ever received. Was it physical, digital, colorful or simple? What made it so memorable?

The best content leaves an impact on its audience, which is why park and recreation professionals must create fun and memorable content when planning park events. Luckily, there are several ways you can develop content that not only engages the community but is reusable for future events and promotions.

In this guide, we’ll review three tips for creating this content. Let’s take a closer look at how you can impact your community through event content!

1. Understand your audience

You wouldn’t send a text message without knowing who you were going to text, and the same can be said about your event content! You have to determine who the message is for before crafting a message. When it comes to events, your audience might include:

  • Potential event attendees: Guests who have regularly gone to past events are likely to attend your upcoming event. Direct them to explore more information about the event and register through your event planning software.
  • Local partners: Encourage corporations and establishments in your local area to sponsor your event in exchange for promoting their business. Highlight opportunities for them to get involved, explain what they should contribute and discuss how they’ll be represented. 
  • Community members: Not everyone is familiar with your agency or park and creating content that educates your whole community can bring in new regular visitors! This target audience should receive content that explains how the community benefits from your park and why they should support it.

As you research your audience, you’ll learn more about the types of content that appeal to them. Then, this information can be reused in all your outreach. For example, if you learn that potential attendees respond well to event flyers, you can focus your efforts on making them visually appealing while just doing light rewording to the informational sections. 

2. Make content shareable

ClickBid’s guide to planning a silent auction recommends reaching as many people as possible by spreading your messaging through multiple communication channels. This multichannel approach to content sharing not only reaches a wider audience of supporters but also encourages them to share event content with their friends and family members. In short, you’ll tap into a new audience that you wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise. 

To maximize shareability, use the following channels:

  • Social media channels: Posts on social media are easily digestible since they’re usually visual-centric and have short text blurbs. Plus, these platforms include sharing options for users, making content easy to repost. 
  • Your website: Your agency’s website can include more thorough information than social media posts, which is great for providing all the details about your event! Encourage readers to share links to your website with their friends and include widgets that allow them to share pages and forms easily.
  • Email newsletters: Subscribers to your email blasts may get a variety of information, from in-depth event details to social media links and visually appealing flyers. Highlight links that allow subscribers to share the content of the email, or encourage them to forward the email to their friends. 

Track engagement and clickthrough metrics for these platforms to determine which is best for sharing your content.  

3. Use compelling visuals

Whether you’re targeting event attendees on social media or corporate partners through email, you can capture anyone’s attention through compelling visuals. Immerse viewers in your content by leveraging:

  • Images: Show off your park, its amenities and the people who enjoy it.
  • Videos: Highlight recent park events or create explainer videos that provide educational information. High-quality videos can help your audience understand what makes your park (and its programs) so great.
  • Infographics: Share statistics and numbers that speak to the credibility of your park and its event. 

Visual elements can be reused in various types of communication. For example, the images you use to promote your upcoming event can also be added to your website’s homepage or used as your profile picture on social media channels. You might also reuse video clips or infographics to promote the park.

Your event content depends on your audience, platform and content type, but ultimately, it should encourage viewers to take the next step and get involved in your event. Use attention-grabbing visuals and encourage visitors to share your post to get your whole community involved with your events.

Matthew Burnellis the founder and CEO of ClickBid, an all-in-one event fundraising platform that makes raising money simple.