Parks Snapshot blog 410

NRPA’s Inaugural Parks Snapshot: How Parks and Recreation Is Confronting COVID-19

By Kevin Roth | Posted on March 27, 2020

NRPA recently conducted its inaugural Parks Snapshot survey to learn how park and recreation leaders from across the country are confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Protect Child Wellbeing COVID 19 blog 410

Protecting Child Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19

By Allison Colman | Posted on March 26, 2020

As families and communities around the world experience added stress attributed to the crisis, there are some practical steps that park and recreation professionals and parents and caregivers can take to protect children, monitor child health, maintain routines and minimize the mental health impacts.

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Physical Distancing in Parks blog 410

What Does #PhysicalDistancingInParks Look Like?

By Rachel Banner | Posted on March 26, 2020

As we learn to navigate these uncertain times, we've compiled photos that help show what healthy physical distancing in parks looks like.

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Fireflies April Bonus Episode 410

How Parks Can Ensure Fireflies Continue to Shine Bright — April Bonus Episode

By Cort Jones and Roxanne Sutton | Posted on March 26, 2020

The April issue of Parks & Recreation magazine is out now, and on this bonus episode of Open Space Radio, we’re diving deeper into the feature article, “Can Parks Help Save Fireflies?”

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Resources for Families Healthier Generation 410

Resources to Engage Families Through Wellness and Nature

By Daniel W. Hatcher | Posted on March 25, 2020

Here are a few simple, inclusive and intergenerational resources from Alliance for a Healthier Generation, designed to keep your communities growing and thriving.

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Updated Meal Serving Guidance blog 410

Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Park and Recreation Sites That Operate USDA Child Nutrition Programs

By Maureen Acquino | Posted on March 25, 2020

As park and recreation professionals continue to play a huge role in providing healthy meals to children in communities across the country, we encourage you to review the latest information to ensure you have what you need to continue to support community-wide health.

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Conservation Covid 19 410

Tips From NRPA’s Conservation Team During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Karl Schrass | Posted on March 25, 2020

NRPA’s conservation team has put together a list of resources to help you and your family learn, appreciate and find comfort in your local community of living things during this uncertain time.

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Episode 62 410

The Importance of Mentoring in Parks and Recreation — Episode 062

By Cort Jones and Roxanne Sutton | Posted on March 24, 2020

On this episode of Open Space Radio, we discuss how park and recreation professionals are serving as mentors and the one caring adult for children who experience adversity and trauma in their households or community.

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Something positive blog 410

Something Positive Amid the Chaos

By Allison Colman | Posted on March 23, 2020

These are the three things that stick out to Allison Colman, NRPA's Director of Health, as unintended benefits that the COVID-19 outbreak may have brought our way.

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Parks and the Outdoors Mental Health 410

Access to Parks and the Outdoors is Crucial for Mental Health in Our Communities

By Teresa L. Penbrooke, PhD, CPRE | Posted on March 20, 2020

Research over the years has shown that when people are more stressed, anxious and socially isolated, as we are right now due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, having access to parks, trails and natural areas becomes even more important.

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This Is Going to Leave a Mark 410

This Is Going to Leave a Mark

By Tim Herd, CPRE | Posted on March 19, 2020

With the disruptive shift in our society from the COVID-19 pandemic comes a series of thought-provoking considerations to re-establishing our community values and our professional accountability.

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Park and Rec Agencies Stepping Up blog 410

Park and Recreation Agencies Step Up to Provide Meals During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Maureen Acquino | Posted on March 19, 2020

As schools close across the country, it’s become glaringly apparent just how many kids rely on schools to serve them healthy, fresh meals daily. Without access to school meals, what happens to those kids?

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Social Distancing Trails Parks blog 410

Keeping a Safe Physical Distance in Parks and on Trails During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Richard J. Dolesh and Allison Colman | Posted on March 16, 2020

If areas of parks and trails are allowed to remain open and public use is not restricted by other governmental direction during the COVID-19 outbreak, NRPA offers guidance on several issues that may arise as a result of continuing public use of parks and trails.

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Older Adults Covid 19 blog

COVID-19 and Older Adults: Assisting Our Most Vulnerable Population

By Lesha Spencer-Brown, MPH, CPH | Posted on March 16, 2020

Although your facilities may already be closed or will close soon due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you can still support the older adult population in your community by calming their concerns and fears and letting them know ways they can remain healthy during this time.

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FEMA COVID 19 blog 410

FEMA Emergency Declaration: Public Assistance for COVID-19 Financial Impacts

By Cort Jones | Posted on March 16, 2020

Many park and recreation agencies are heeding the CDC's guidance during the COVID-19 outbreak and canceling or postponing events and activities for at least the next couple of weeks. This leads to a question many agencies are facing: What will the financial implications be on parks and recreation budgets?

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Coronavirus Urban Leaders blog 410

Urban Park and Recreation Leaders Discuss Rapidly Evolving Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Richard J. Dolesh | Posted on March 13, 2020

NRPA recently convened a group of urban park and recreation directors to discuss how the novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is affecting their cities, and how each of their lessons-learned so far could help inform each other and other park and recreation professionals to prepare and take action when needed.

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Summer Meals Coronavirus blog 410

COVID-19 Guidance for Park and Recreation Sites That Operate USDA Child Nutrition Programs

By Allison Colman | Posted on March 12, 2020

As we hear about more and more schools closing across the country due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), there are many ways park and recreation agencies and their partners can help to mitigate the impact on families that rely on school meals.

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Community Health During an Outbreak 410

COVID-19 in Parks and Recreation: Supporting Community Health and Wellbeing During an Outbreak

By NRPA's Health and Wellness Team | Posted on March 12, 2020

NRPA’s health and wellness team has compiled a list of health tips that park and recreation professionals can share with their communities to keep people moving, eating healthy, focusing on mental health and wellbeing, getting enough sleep and boosting immunity during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak.

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Stigma 410

Breaking Down the Stigma of Substance Use

By Lauren Kiefert | Posted on March 11, 2020

One vital way in which park and recreation professionals can respond to the rising rates of substance use disorder and mental health conditions is by focusing on breaking down the stigma around them.

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COVID19 podcast 410

How Park and Recreation Leaders are Addressing Coronavirus — Episode 61

By Cort Jones and Roxanne Sutton | Posted on March 10, 2020

On today’s episode of Open Space Radio, we’re joined by three park and recreation leaders from across the country who are actively addressing issues related to the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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Nikki Ginger 410

My Journey to Becoming a CPRE

By Nicole Ginger, MAEA, CPRE | Posted on March 9, 2020

As someone who has been teaching the Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) prep course since 2009, Nicole Ginger's journey to becoming a Certified Park and Recreation Executive (CPRE) came as a surprise - even to her.

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BioBlitz March blog 410

Calling All Pollinator Lovers: Host a BioBlitz This September

By Michele White, CAE, IOM | Posted on March 6, 2020

By hosting a Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz, you can help promote pollinator awareness and engage your local community in a pollinator-focused activity.

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COVID19 blog

Coronavirus: What Impact Will COVID-19 Have on Parks and Recreation?

By Richard J. Dolesh and Allison Colman | Posted on March 4, 2020

Park and recreation professionals are seeking answers to key questions as they move into a response and prevention mode in the coming days and weeks, especially in communities that are starting to document confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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