Make Someday Happen

By Pete Magnuson | Posted on December 30, 2013

Someday I’ll take that vacation. Someday I’ll read that book. Someday I’ll start that business. Raise your hand if you have ever started a sentence with “Someday, I’ll.”

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Holiday Greetings

By Roxanne Sutton | Posted on December 23, 2013

The sending and receiving of holiday cards is a tradition many families share this time of year. Read this blog post about family traditions, NRPA’s holiday card and best wishes for the holiday season.

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Connecting Seniors to Parks and Rec

By Danielle Taylor | Posted on December 17, 2013

December’s cover story by John Crompton focused on the evolving lifestyle and financial factors motivating today’s seniors toward recreation.

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Walk This Way

By Zarnaaz Bashir | Posted on December 12, 2013

Recently the Every Body Walk! Collaborative held the first ever walking summit. NRPA was there representing parks and recreation and the great news is that community parks and recreation continues to be recognized and viewed as a key component for improving health and getting people active through walking. This post gives some insight into the summit and resources you can use to help create more walkable communities.

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Parallel Parking Not Required: Parks in Parking Spaces

By Kellie May, Sage Learn | Posted on December 3, 2013

The trend of diminishing green space is pretty well summarized in the song “Big Yellow Taxi,” by Joni Mitchell. There is a newer trend of taking back some of those parking spaces and converting them into open space and parks—parklets.

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