Lesson Plan Guide

Use the monthly lesson plan guide to implement the Commit to Health: Foods of the Month nutrition literacy curriculum. The lesson plan guide is divided up into suggested weekly activities that include experiential activities, coloring and activity sheets, fun being active tips and USDA MyPlate activities. Two age-appropriate lesson plan guides are available for each month.


Foods of the Month Posters

Foods of the Month Poster November


Display the Foods of the Month Posters each month at your park and recreation sites! Posters illustrate the corresponding Foods of the Month and contain detailed information on nutrient content as well as examples of each food.



Foods of the Month Newsletters

A newsletter is available each month for both Foods of the Month. Each newsletter contains information about the Foods of the Month including nutrient content and varieties, additional tips and facts about the foods and healthy recipes that families can try at home.


Fun, Experiential Activities!

A variety of fun, experiential activities can be conducted with the foods of the month, encouraging constant learning and incorporating skills such as reading, math, language, etc.


Coloring and Activity Pages

Children will enjoy exploring and learning about the foods of the month with coloring and activity pages for each food.


USDA MyPlate and Other Fun Activities!

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has some amazing resources available for educating children about nutrition and physical activity. Each month, utilize some of these free resources to enhance your programs.


Fun Being Active!

We can’t forget about the importance of physical activity! Each month try some fun and exciting activities to get your community up and moving!


Resources for the Home

Provide parents with some additional resources each month! This monthly family engagement newsletter contains nutrition and physical activity tips for families!

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